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Adventures on the High Seas

Captain a crew of salty sailor scum to make money as a merchant, turn to piracy or become a pirate hunter.

In The Club: Ladies Night

Don't think we forgot about you ladies! We are already working on a sequel to In The Club. This time, you ladies get to try your hand at flirting your way into the hearts of the hunks.

Rules Lawyer

A game of costantly changing rules will have players strategizing over how to tweak the rules to their advantage. Minor changes will mean major results.

RPG Pick Up Settings

Faithful and the Fallen - God just might be dead and it is up to the Angels and their mortal allies to prevent the world from being consumed by the fallen: dark angels, demons and other forces of evil who are inching Earth ever closer towards the Apocalypse.

Omega Squad - During WWII a group of super soldier were created to fight the occult experiments and secret discoveries of the Nazi elite. These are their classified tales.



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